Copy Drives Sales


Are your customers templates? Are they faceless stick-figures without character or personality? 

Then your copy shouldn’t be either. 

In the age of automation, templates, and assembly lines, you need to stand out with copy that doesn’t sound like it was written by a robot. 

At Handcrafted Copy, I reject cookie cutter methods that promise “results for anybody” and focus instead on your needs and your clients. With story and research-based copy, I help you speak to customers in a way that builds trust and compels them to action. 

If you’re ready for a marketing approach that is tailored to your goals, contact me to set up a consultation. 




“Joshua did it again! The entire Events Team at Southern Oaks is so impressed! Joshua does his research–he’s absolutely brilliant!”

-Southern Oaks Plantations


“Working with Joshua is great. He is an EXTREMELY good writer and also very professional. He always delivers quality work and communicates frequently.”

-Nicholas Scalice, Earnworthy


“Joshua is a favorite freelancer to work with. In addition to producing quality, fluff-free work, he is reliable, communicative, and on time with his submissions. Joshua uses his digital marketing knowledge to write naturally and in a way that helps others to understand, but also uses outside sources to further solidify his points. So great to work with!

-Kristen McCormick, ThriveHive


“Anyone out there looking for Rock Star copywriter hire him immediately!!!! Amazing communication and service. Thank you so much.”


“It was a pleasure to work Joshua. I really liked the attention to detail, writing voice and choice of words in any of his work. Really recommended.”