Hi, I’m Joshua Bowen, a writing teacher and marketing strategist who specializes in copywriting for coaches and course creators.

I used to think marketing was one of the dark arts. That it was all slick tricks and high-pressure sales tactics engineered to get your credit card out. And I had the proof…


A flabby gut instead of the promised 8-minute abs…
Faded cassette tapes that guaranteed reading at the speed of light…
Hard drives littered with courses, techniques, and “surefire” systems to make money in my sleep….

I even used advertising to show my students how they were being manipulated by unethical pitchmen toying with their emotions.

Then I discovered that not all marketing is the same.

I became a student of the craft and found marketers who weren’t interested in making a quick buck. They wanted to connect creators to the customers who could truly benefit from their offers. They were teachers and storytellers, just like me.

And they were combining tried and tested methods of copywriting with modern media to reach targeted audiences who actually wanted to hear the message. 

I also realized that there were legions of honest, well-meaning experts who could change people’s lives if only they knew how to reach them. Too scared to sell, they just kept plugging away, hoping their product would speak for itself.

Like a tree falling in a forgotten forest, they weren’t making a sound.

Now I embrace the power of authentic messaging and use custom storytelling to help coaches and course creators find, grow, and nurture their audience.

So if you’re interested in helping more people with your product, course, or service,  contact me to discuss your marketing and outreach strategy.